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Build an RSS feed using LINQ to XML

Using LINQ, you can generate an RSS feed with clean code and less work than with traditional XML classes.

Load user data once with an HttpModule

Instead of creating a new object with user data every time you need it, go back to the well and avoid having to write caching code.

Build a news or blog site in five minutes with CliqueSite® NewsBlog

This simple ASP.NET v2.0 application allows the site owner to post news or blog entries, categorize them, syndicate them and allow for comments.

Rewriting the URL using IHttpHandlerFactory

RewritePath() is messy. Using the IHttpHandlerFactory interface allows you to take the requested URL and execute an entirely different page.

Using parameterized SQL queries

Save yourself from SQL injection attacks and other nasty problems by passing along data in parameters.

Understanding event wire-ups in ASP.NET and Visual Studio

There are two approaches to making something happen in an ASP.NET page, and if you use Visual Studio .NET, you should know about both.

Using a PagedDataSource and your own data pager links

You aren't restricted to just using a DataGrid when you want your data paged. The PagedDataSource class lets you bind just the data you want to display, and lets you build your own pager links.

Performance doesn't matter

Just because you can calculate the exact date of the Big Bang with your Web application doesn't mean you need to.

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